State Champs NYC Pop Up Shop Success

By Paula Araujo

Upon the release of their upcoming album “Living Proof” New York natives, State Champs have been promoting the new record across the country. On Saturday, June 9, they held a pop up shop in NYC. The special event featured exclusive merch, early copies of the album, and the fellas themselves. Fans were treated to tote bags and posters upon arrival. The event also included a first look at their brand new music video for “Our Time To Go.” The evening was filled with fans filtering in and out as the band hung around inside and outside the store to give hugs, take photos, sign autographs, and chat about the new record. The fans were excited and eager about the new music just as much as the band was. They band shared their sentiments about the release and collectively agreed on “Frozen” being one of their favorite tracks.

Listen to the new record out Friday June 15. Catch them in LA on Friday for another exclusive pop up or this summer on the Vans Warped Tour.

State Champs Show Gets A ‘Perfect Score’

By Paula Araujo

Saturday September 9, fans gathered at the White Eagle Hall in New Jersey for a jam packed show. The line up for the Road To Riot Fest tour included Bearings, Sleep On It, Speak Low If You Speak Love, Homesafe and State Champs.

Though the show was rather intimate, that didn’t stop the crowd from getting rambunctious for heavy sets from Sleep on It, Bearings, and Homesafe. Speak Low If You Speak Love, is actually a solo project from State Champ’s Ryan Graham that features his vocals plus an acoustic guitar and broken string (at times – not his fault he rocks so hard!)

Awaiting for the headliner, classic tunes that one would hear at Emo Night such as Panic at the Disco’s, “I Write Sins” played. Lead singer Derek DiScanio of State Champs has guest DJ’ed a few nights in the past, making the right mix for the crowd to get pumped just before the main performance. State Champs hit the stage and kicked the night off with “Slow Burn” and the energy through the audience soared as people threw their arms up, sang along, and others boldly crowd surfed and stage dived. The momentum never faded as the band played hits such as ‘Perfect Score” and “Simple Existence.”  Even when they played mellow ballads like “If I’m Lucky” fans happily sang their hearts out. There wasn’t a dull moment the entire show.  Even after the show, fan got to look forward to spending some time with the bands for photos, hugs, and quick chats. The evening had all the elements for an unforgettable night.

State Champs Amplify NYC

By Kimberly Rabita

New York’s very own State Champs brought their headlining world tour to NYC and played two sold out nights at Irving Plaza. Warming up the crowd was Don Broco, a 5-piece band from England. Their music was infectious and catchy, with many of the attendees enjoying the performance. They did not seem like they were strangers to large crowds as they finished off a great set. With Confidence kept the party going as the crowd was delighted by their set and could have easily enjoyed a longer set. For an opening act, a surprising majority of the crowd knew the lyrics and became more rambunctious as the crowd surfers began to surface above the rest and float their way into the hands of security. Their banter between songs were reminiscent of other bands in the scene that one may find at an All Time Low/early Blink-182 show. Following With Confidence was Against The Current, who also hail from New York. Their electro pop punk was a roller coaster as it slowed down and sped up and created blasts of energy on stage and from the crowd.

Finally, State Champs walked onto the stage with their lights erupting as bright as the crowd was loud. They wasted no time, diving right into some of the most popular and fast paced songs off of their latest album, Around The World And Back. Interestingly, they included a large number of songs off of their debut album, “The Finer Things.” The crowd became a raging sea of bodies, with an endless stream of crowd surfers making their way to the stage. A chorus of voices persisted through nearly their entire set, with the only exception being during one specific song. The first of the 2 acoustic songs that State Champs performed, “Stick Around” which is off of their 2010 EP, Apparently, I’m Nothing. These tunes were a sweet surprise for long time lovers of the band screaming out their happiness. Chrissy Costanza, lead singer of Against The Current joined State Champs on stage and accompanied Derek Discanio during the album title track, “Around The World And Back.” Overall, the entire concert was an incredible experience. Regardless of how many times you see State Champs perform, every concert holds new wonders.