Premiere: Between Giants “Nevermind”

By Paula Araujo

Just last spring, Between Giants made their debut and since then it’s been an adventure filled with growth both personally and musically. Today marks the start of a new chapter with the release of their single Nevermind featuring Kalimur.

The song takes the listener on a vivid dream-like journey, with the production giving off vibes of a distant memory while the lyrics paint a clear picture in the mind of emotions and turmoil. In the chorus, singer/songwriter Tyler John, explains, “[This] is my favorite portion of this song, because it is a scene by scene recreation of a real life event.”

While the song is about the struggles of vulnerability and opening up, the honesty in the lyrics is something Tyler is most proud of. He admits the biggest challenge with this track was, “Ironically, opening up and admitting to the world that I have issues with opening up.”

On how the song came about and its inspiration, Tyler shares, “I have trouble articulating my feelings a lot of the time. I am not really sure how it got this way, but I am petrified of being vulnerable. On the positive side, I am excellent at self-sabotaging my most meaningful relationships. Nevermind is my expression of wanting to say more but being unable to put myself on the line and pushing people away because of that.”

Luckily, Tyler was able to find comfort in this track by collaborating with his former band, Kalimur. Tyler gushed saying, “Brett is literally one of the best human beings on this planet. He makes everything better. Shameless plug but follow them on insta, @Kalimurband

Nevermind is just a taste of what’s to come for Between Giants. Fans can soon expect a full length record, Jupiter later this year along with a fall tour.

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Spotlight: Kalimur

By Bridget Fornaro

Connecticut natives, Kalimur, had quite the year in 2015 with the release of their debut album, Ghosts We Used to Know and a headlining show in August.

Kalimur is made up of four members from Storrs, CT: Brett Steinberg (Vocals/Piano), Alex Trouern-Trend (Electric Guitar), Jonah Propfe (Drums), and Tyler Berkich (Bass). The alternative rock band is releasing their second full-length album titled Redemption on Jan, 25. It includes 11 songs and the title track gives a sense there are gloomier times, but with chances for improvement.
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