The Right Dose of ‘Good Trouble’

By Paula Araujo

A brand new show, with familiar faces are back on Tuesday’s this winter on Freeform. The Fosters spin-off, Good Trouble follows along adopted sisters, Mariana Adams Foster (Cierra Ramirez) and Callie Adams Foster (Maia Mitchell) in their post-college life, which has lead them to Los Angeles.

The heart of the show is the strength in sisterhood, but what’s really captivating are the diverse characters and story lines. It’s refreshing to see a show about 20-something year olds accurately reflect today’s world. The first episode covers the not so pretty reality of living in a commune, sexism in the workplace and social injustice. The pilot starts off light hearted then quickly hits with a harsh reality check as the girls are hit with a hefty parking violation and the loss of all their belongings, all while having to navigate their new home and first day at work with what’s left on their backs.

Mariana finds herself as a software engineer at a startup, facing moments of doubt and humiliation, but quickly asserts herself in true Mariana fashion. Meanwhile, Callie scores her first clerkship with someone who is known as a rather conservative judge and is faced with following her heart or following the law. The ladies no longer have their home and momma’s to fall back on for support, but they do have each other and their newfound communal family. The episode ends on the sisters drinking wine and catching their roomate in a rather revealing development.

Some prominent elements are the writing, acting, music score and cinematography (directed by Jon M. Chu.) The show is perfect for long time followers of The Fosters who craved more, while being interesting and fresh enough for new fans to easily get hooked. While The Fosters was a show with no filter, Good Trouble kicks it up a few notches. The show is raunchier and sexier, as it features quite a few steamy scenes and the women unapologetically embracing themselves, their sexuality and sensuality. Don’t expect the series to shy away from social topics either. It’ll come in hot and hit the bullseye. It’s truly the right dose of Good Trouble we all need.

Tune in Tuesday’s at 8pm on Freeform.