Nat and Alex Warm Things Up in NYC

By Paula Araujo

Last month, Nat and Alex Wolff formerly known as the Naked Brothers Band played a show at their old stomping ground, Nuyorican Poets Cafe. The little venue was filled to the brim with warmth as fans in the crowd included their parents, and even former band mate Qaasim came out to support.  Joining the brotherly duo on stage was another brother, Jack from the band AJR. The setlist included a few debut songs such as “Glue” and “All Over You”. They even took suggestions from the audience and made up a song called “Apple Waffles”.  Fans were treated to favorites such as “Lullaby” “Passing Through” and “Tenderly”.  The show was incredibly intimate and felt as though you were just catching them jamming in the comfort of their living room with friends.

Nat and Alex are not only extremely talented musicians, but incredibly down to earth human beings. You would have no idea that they’re currently rising stars on the big screen. They could easily be making much more money off their music if they wanted to by playing larger venues and charging more for tickets plus meet and greets. There’s a reason they keep coming back to this cafe and why they happily stick around after the show and really take the time to chat and meet their fans. Their kindness and hospitality radiates and resonates in way that is hard to find elsewhere in the industry. Their love and craft of music is pure and their appreciation of their fans doesn’t go unnoticed. If that’s not love, then what is.



DNCE Treat Fans to a ‘Good Day’ in Brooklyn

By Paula Araujo

M&M’s kicked off their concert spotlight series with DNCE at the Brooklyn Bowl on April 12th. The group was ecstatic for not only the show but to premiere their brand new single, “Kissing Strangers” featuring Nicki Minaj. Fans were treated to endless bags of M&M’s as well as a gif station, VR experience, and of course a stellar show. DNCE had waves of energy and the fans were loving it. The show kicked off with the group coming out in Stormtrooper headgear and they played several tracks off their debut album like, “Naked,” “Be Mean,” “Good Day,” and “Body Moves”. Some fun surprises, included covers of Spice Girls, “Wannabe” and George Michael’s “Freedom”. The night ended with their massive hit “Cake By The Ocean.”

JP Cooper Rocks First Sold Out NYC Show

By Paula Kunatee

Even though “Fifty Shades Darker” has some mixed reviews, you can not deny the talents of those who lend their voices for the soundtrack. Among them is self made, self taught artist JP Cooper, who holds his own. “Birthday” offers us a moment to reminisce about the ones that got away without a sign, but is quickly replaced with the thoughts of how buttery smooth Cooper’s soulful voice dances around with the rhythm of his guitar.

We were recently invited to Cooper’s first sold out show in New York City! The room was packed from stage to door (and balcony). Opening his set with his current UK single, “September Song”, Cooper’s presence was humble and authentic. Accompanied by his friend and pianist, Adam Monroe, who jokingly admitted, “I could play terrible and no one would notice because JP is just that good!”

Unfortunately, Cooper was fighting laryngitis, and had trouble hitting some of the higher notes. He prevailed with the support of his fans who patiently waited for his return to the States. His bashful nature got the better of him as he blushed his way through each song. The modest singer probably can’t even grasp how captivating he can be. With every song Cooper continues to pull at our heartstrings. His lyrics are personal, his eyes told us how to feel, and his voice, told a truth.

JP Cooper will soon be on tour in Europe (click here for dates). We are crossing our fingers he has more US dates to follow!