Good Love Is Hard To Find: Aly & AJ Show Review

Written by Rhiannon Levengood
Photo courtesy of Aly & AJ’s Facebook

There’s a certain kind of feeling that radiates through a crowd the moment the house lights go down and your favorite band walks on stage. Excitement courses through your veins. It overflows your body, spreading from your gut to your fingertips as you jump, clap, and scream to expel the sudden burst of energy. A permanent smile finds itself tugging on the corners of your lips as elation washes over you from the very first chord to the very last word. The people around you, singing, dancing, and connecting to the very same songs you’ve connected to, are now family. All the stresses and shortcomings in your life are forgotten, and the only things that matter are you, the crowd, and the band.

When Aly & AJ walked on stage in Philadelphia for the first time in 10 years, I realized that this feeling was love.

Aly & AJ opened their reunion show with “The Distance” and “I Know”,  two jams off their newest EP Ten Years, before bringing back “Closure” from their sophomore album Insomniatic. In honor of Pride Month, the show took a very special turn in Philadelphia, PA, a city known for its everlasting passion and love; and before performing their newest single “Good Love”, the sister duo extended their compassionate nature to their fans and happily welcomed Lexi and her girlfriend Kristen on stage for an unforgettable marriage proposal.

The love continued as Aly & AJ performed “Boy” and “Hothouse” from their unreleased album under band name 78violet, and a fan favorite “Chemicals React” before playing a cover of the Cure’s “Love Song” for the vivacious, sold out crowd. Our ladies wrapped their gig with “Flattery”, “With You”, and “Rush”, another iconic song from their early years, leaving the audience restless and begging for more. Lucky for us, Aly & AJ were not done rocking out in the City of Brotherly Love just yet.

For their encore, they returned to the stage and performed a cover of Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” before launching right into power, pop rock anthem “Potential Breakup Song”.

Aly & AJ officially and successfully closed their show with an energetic performance of “Take Me”, their very first single since returning to the music scene. You can still catch them on tour this summer, but if you missed them this time around, they are planning on touring again in 2019 when their television shows iZombie and the Goldbergs wrap.

Be sure you follow them on Twitter and Instagram so you’re the first to know when they’re hitting your city next!

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