“We’ll Never Change”: Behind the Lyrics with PARKWILD’S Austin Zudeck

By Rhiannon Levengood

It’s already March, which means that if you listened to me back in January, PARKWILD should be back on your music radar. The alternative rock duet has returned with their brand new single “We’ll Never Change”.

PARKWILD’s second track is reminiscent of their debut single “Too Late”. It begins with a serene voice laid over a soothing beat, and lyrics that describe a carefree relationship between two people who have an open road ahead of them. The verse easily fades into the chorus where lead vocalist Austin Zudeck declares that neither he nor bandmate Justin Thunstrom will ever change to fit into the box that society has built for us.

The second verse tells another story of the main character using their songs as therapy for their day-to-day struggles, and how their father feels about choosing a music career over one that would be more promising. Zudeck claims, “I would rather die than not pursue” before the next chorus.

Lyrics are always the most important part of songs, even if they seem meaningless as you sing along to them in the car. And because of that, I spoke with PARKWILD’s own Austin Zudeck regarding the lyrics and message behind “We’ll Never Change.” Check out what he had to say below and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and on Instagram.

Can you tell us about the stories behind your new single “We’ll Never Change”?
“We’ll Never Change” depicts a conflict between societal pressure and someone who knows what they want deep down, despite how difficult the journey might be to get there. The first verses sets the scene of a young couple living free, going against the wishes of society, almost in a sense describing themselves as misfits and rule breakers, and wondering where they’ll end up. The second verse blends into that concept as the main subject tells a story of defiance to the other character, in pursuing their dreams. Both of us have had to overcome a lot of societal pressure of what people want and expect of us, which at times, vastly differ from what we believe in and what our desires are. The lyrics come from many of those instances throughout both of our lives.

Is there one lyric that means the most to each of you?
For both of us, it would have to be, “I would rather die than not pursue” because we would rather try and possibly fail than not try at all. Music is hard, there is no denying that at all, but if you don’t follow your passions and your dreams, you could end up regretting it, and we both want to say we at least gave it our 110%.

If you could create a music video, or lyric video, for this song, how do you envision it?
I don’t think either of us would be in the full music video, and it would pretty much depict a fun carefree night, with some flashbacks/context to a juxtaposition of having to conform to societal norms.

What do you want your fans to take away from “We’ll Never Change”?
If you believe in something, pursue it. It’s your life and what do you have to lose by at least trying. Stay present in the moment and enjoy now.

If you could get a tattoo, permanent or temporary, of any lyrics that have inspired you or helped you in anyway, which would they be?
My favorite song is “(Sitting On) The Dock of The Bay” by Otis Redding, however I don’t know what exact lyric I would pick! Too many to decide.

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