Between Giants Victorious Debut

By Paula Araujo

Just four months ago, Between Giants was introduced to the world. In that short time, Tyler John has been focusing on his solo endeavor and finely crafting this project. Spending countless hours, late nights, and intense discussions surrounding this record has surely paid off. With just five tracks, this album covers a lot of territory all while being intricate, profound, and honest.

From the eclectic production, to the vulnerable lyrics, Tyler gives insight to not only the thoughts in his mind, but the chaos and moments of clarity surrounding it. One of the stand out tracks is “Conversations.” Citing Twenty One Pilots, Paradise Fears, and Brandyn Burnette as heavy influences behind the song is predominantly present, as it contains spoken word and risky tempo changes. Despite the vast elements, the song comes together effectively.

Tyler has spoken previously about what a challenge it is to bare it all with his music. Kicking off the record with “My Truth” and closing out with “Skins & Skies,” he truly lays it all out with this collection. In regards to which song contains the lyrics he’s most proud of, he says, “For me, all of ‘Conversation’ is about as honest and open as I can be. That song is comprised of mostly poetry, so I am really happy with how it came out!”

Overall the debut EP is remarkable and one Tyler should certainly be proud of. If this is just the beginning, we can only imagine what’s in store for the future.

Check out the Between Giants debut EP as well an exclusive interview with Tyler below.

Do you have a favorite track off the EP?
Having a favorite is really tough, because they are sort of like your children you know? Each one is important and has its own meaning. With that being said, parents totally have a favorite kid and are lying if they say otherwise. Sympathize is my favorite track.

Any particular lyrics that you’re proud of?
The lyrics I am the most proud of are the ones that people relate too. It is easy to tell MY story, but when people reach out and tell me that I’ve told a part of theirs, or given them hope with my words, that’s why it is all about. Words are powerful. Here are the ones people reach out to me the most about:

“I run from what I want, even when it could be mine.”
“What can you do to me, to ease all your suffering?”
“I found love, in the place where I was darkest while I was dreaming about who I could be.”
“I feel you in my soul in more ways than you wanted. What’s the matter with you? How could you not sympathize?”
“Pulling away cause I’m missing the way I’ve been.”

How was the process for “Conversations” different than your first single?
This song is actually quite different from not only the first but every song I have ever written. This was actually the culmination of three different pieces of work I had done over the years. The beginning waltz tempo part was one song, the chorus a different one and the spoken word is actually from a poem I wrote years ago. I wanted to capture the emotion and honesty in that poem so I decided that speaking it would be the best way to get it across so that it wasn’t lost in a melody. Adding this in connected the other two pieces perfectly like they were made from each other.

What was the overall process like for creating this record?
Crazy is probably the best way to describe it. So many late nights and intense discussions since this was the first release for this project ya know? This solo project is my baby and I wanted to make sure it was perfect. I think this was a great first release and introduction to what is to come. I just hope other people feel the same way!!!

How did you know you were done and that it was complete?
There was always a magic moment with each track, where me and some friends would listen to the final version – all produced, mixed and mastered – and we just looked at each other and nodded our heads saying “That’s the one,” or something like that. Wisdom was the last track on the EP, and after I heard it and it was how I wanted it, I just sat there and realized that it was over. This chapter was done. Months of works and sleepless nights with double shifts during the day had ended for now. This is my body of work and no one will ever be able to say I didn’t give it all to chase the dreams. That was a big moment.

What do you hope listeners take away from this?
I hope listeners can walk away from this track knowing that we are all lost in some way or another. That we don’t have things all figured out and that most of all it is okay. It is fine that we don’t. We are not alone in this journey and we will find our way.

You used to be in a band, how has the overall adjustment and transition been in regards to creating your solo music now?
The creative freedom is nice, but the highs are higher and the lows are less low when you’re in a band. It is hard sometimes not being able to share your success with others who are involved in it. And also hard to pick yourself up after a long day and remind yourself why you’re doing what you do. Bands make those things easier because you always have a good team around you who wants what you want. I miss a lot of aspects of being in a band, but at this point in my life I think being solo is better for me while I figure myself out creatively and expressively.

What have you discovered about yourself during this time creating the music for this EP?
That I really love Taki’s. Seriously, incredible studio snack. But more importantly, I learned about my strength. Being able to work two jobs in order to afford studio time and spending all my free time on this music was exhausting but it is so incredibly worth it. Now we have a 14 city tour lined up, and a debut EP out. Determination and drive can get you through anything.

What can fans expect from your tour?
A legendary night. I promise that I’ll make sure there is nowhere else on the planet you’d rather be than at that show. Let’s hang out and make some memories!!! Come sing with me please, my voice is terrible.

And lastly, pancakes or waffles?
Waffles. And add some bacon.

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