Reel Big Fish Take Their Beer Run Through Philly

By Rachel Meyers

On June 20th, Reel Big Fish and the four exceptional bands that opened for them left their mark on Philadelphia when they performed at The Fillmore. The night began with Philadelphia locals Dry Reef, warming up the audience for this incredible night. Tunnel Vision then took the stage with their surf-reggae music. These five guys created an extreme summer vibe, perfect for this time of year, and the audience clearly enjoyed it as they danced through the set.

Next up were The Queers, who switched it up for a while with some great punk rock. Although the band differed in genre from the others, the crowd didn’t miss a beat. Some audience members even started a mosh pit during some of the set. The Expendables took the stage as the last opening act and kept the crowd moving. This band’s music smoothly incorporates punk and metal into a primarily reggae sound. During their set, Geoff Weers (lead singer and guitarist) hardly went a second without moving and that energy was contagious. The audience had a great time dancing and singing through The Expendables’ set.

By the time the members of Reel Big Fish were ready to close the show, The Fillmore was filled with fans of all ages. The members each made their own lighthearted entrances as fans welcomed them with cheering. Reel Big Fish managed to masterfully play their much loved ska/rock music while keeping energy high and the mood lighthearted. Throughout songs, Billy Kottage (trombone), John Christianson (trumpet), and Matt Appleton (saxophone and vocal harmonies) ran around the stage, motioned to the audience, and acted out various lyrics in a hilarious way. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Aaron Barrett was extremely impressive as his vocals were flawless while he still kept high energy.

Overall, this show had great music and even better energy. Don’t miss your chance to experience The Beer Run tour while you still can! Find tour dates and tickets here.

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