Miss May I Makes the Ground Tremble in NJ

By Rachel Meyers

On June 18, Miss May I brought The Shadows Inside Tour through Howell, NJ, packing GameChangerWorld with fans from surrounding areas. The crowd went wild as the band promoted their new album and absolutely killed it song after song.

The energy at this show was the kind of energy you do not see often – people crowd surfing, moshing, dancing, screaming, and singing along. You couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment. Vocalist, Levi Benton interacted with the audience throughout their entire set, allowing fans to sing parts of some songs and giving high fives. Jerod Boyd rocked drum fills and solos so well that fans were diving to catch his drumsticks when he threw them into the audience. BJ Stead and Justin Aufdemkampe played their guitars skillfully while also adding to the incredible energy. Ryan Neff played the bass like it was no challenge at all, interacting with fellow band members and audience members alike throughout the set.

An unbelievable performance from a truly fantastic band and one memorable night. Don’t miss out on seeing Miss May I throughout the rest of their tour! Find their music and tour information at https://www.missmayimusic.com


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