Ty Herndon’s Love & Acceptance Event Beams with Pride

By Paula Kunatee

The calendar can tell us we are in the year 2017, but it could feel like you’re trapped in a different lifetime when you don’t feel comfortable being who you are. Coming out in 2014, Grammy nominated, Ty Herndon has become a voice in the LGBTQ community. Fortunately for Ty, he says he felt support from family, friends, fellow musicians, as well as fans. Just in time for Pride month, the country singer wanted to shine a light on the LGBTQ youth and the importance of Oasis Center’s Just Us program to help teens transition into a healthy adult.

During the red carpet of the 2017 installment of Ty Herndon’s Love & Acceptance, the stars rolled in and we got to hear how Herndon’s  journey has affected not only the industry, but their own paths as well. Among those guests was The Voice star, Billy Gilman, who shared how Ty’s story gave him the strength to come out. The co-host, CMT’s Cody Alan, recalls how he struggled in the business with his sexuality, but you couldn’t tell that was the case as he walked hand in hand with an electric smile alongside his partner, Trea Smith.

The night was filled with a massive amount of positivity, great music, and incredible stories!

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