Civil Youth Dive Deep in ‘Conversations’

By Paula Araujo

Philly natives Civil Youth have been preparing for the release of their third full length album,
Conversations, out today, May 19. Mike Kepko is lead vocals, Dan Chapman plays guitar, and Evan Seeburger joined as drummer after producing their second record.

Civil Youth played their first live show in March of 2015. Since then, they’ve been continuously touring. A typical week for the group consists of 40 hours of conducting business online and on top of that, they manage 20 hours of rehearsal. All that hard work surely paid off as they found themselves opening to a sold out crowd for Twenty One Pilots.

Lately, they’ve been hard at work on their new material. This brand new album really captures the essence and sound the group has been after. With an eclectic range of music fusing rock, rap, and electronic, it makes for a captivating record. When talking about the concept and title of this album, Mike shares a rather extraordinary anecdote:
Lying in the back of our van one tour, the windows start to fog. Everyone is asleep besides me [Mike]. I sit up to realize there has been a word written in the fog against the windows. I squint, but everything is a blur. The next thing I realize there’s demons surrounding the van. Face to face we stare at each other. “What do you want?” Before an answer comes, the faces start to morph and I’m staring at myself. I scream to leave, but I only hear laughter. The word written in the fog is “Conversations.” The demons vanish and I’m sitting up, heavily breathing. I try to go back to sleep, but I’m lying awake as the sound of footsteps circle my ears. That night we begin writing a new record. An era that describes conversations we’ve had with our past & future selves. People we wish we were, or people we want to be.”

At its core, Civil Youth is a band about the fans. They’re incredibly proud of their fanbase. They’re well aware they wouldn’t be anywhere without them. They collectively agree that the most rewarding thing is, “Being able to say we have saved a life from what we’ve created. Nothing will top that.” They also shared that ultimately they hope the one message listeners take away from their music is that, “They’re never alone and they’re not the only ones who feel this way. We want others to see what we’ve been through so they can relate.”

Stay up to date on Civil Youth be checking out the links below:

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