Miley Cyrus Takes A Sandy Step Forward With ‘Malibu’

By Rhiannon Levengood

Miley Cyrus takes us for a walk along the shore of a dear memory with her single “Malibu”, which is the first release of her brand new music. With the buzz of another shift in her style, she does not disappoint as this song delivers an acoustic vibe from the get-go, which is a dramatic change from her two previous records possessing an electronic and hip hop sound.

If you’re a long-time fan of Miley’s, her new single will definitely give you some Backyard Sessions feels. Her vocals are raw and pure as she tells the story of how she and her beau Liam found love in each other once again. The lyrics are reminiscent of the beach as she compares her love to ocean waves, the heat of summertime, and even fish.

Cyrus’s music video for “Malibu” illustrates not only the words and overall meaning of the song, but also shows us her happiness and fulfillment with life itself. The old Miley we knew and loved isn’t back because she never left; she is simply renewed, and this video proves it.

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