iamchelseaiam Isn’t Here For Your ‘Pity Party’

By Rhiannon Levengood

Friday May 5th,  marked a new life chapter for artist iamchelseaiam as she released her single “Pity Party” on Spotify. Not only is she taking a stand against an ex-boyfriend’s sob stories and manipulative words, she is also dabbling in the synthesized age of music with a fresh sound.

As “Pity Party” opens, we’re immediately given an R&B feel that is immensely different from her original unplugged and soulful vibe. She creates a melody that reminds me of Tove Lo as she tells her story with rhythmic and bold lyrics. Although she’s expressed her apprehension with trying something new with the production of her music, she is definitely headed in the right direction.

When asked about her single, Chelsea elaborates, “I think a lot of women can identify with that one person that you continue a terrible cycle with. But to me, [the song is] about saying enough is enough.”

You can check out “Pity Party” below:

iamchelseaiam will be promoting “Pity Party” with three shows:

May 10, 6 pm – New York, New York – Soul Sessions @ Subrosa – Ticket Info

May 11, 8 pm – Atlanta, Georgia – Sundresses and Sangria – Ticket Info

May 13 – Atlanta, Georgia – Sweet Auburn Fest – Show Info

Be sure to follow Chelsea on social media!


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