Staircase Spirits Begin To Tell Their ‘War Stories’

By Paula Araujo

Staircase Spirits are on the rise up with their brand new single, “Good Ex-Girlfriend.” This is just the beginning for the duo made up of Anna Maria and Eva Friedman. This single is the first off their brand new EP, War Stories out May 5th. Filled with creative and unique narratives, this EP is the second from a trilogy of stories surrounding the emotional journey of an abusive relationship and the turmoil of overcoming it and coming out of it stronger than ever.

Earlier this year, the first part of the trilogy Ghost Stories was released. “Good Ex-Girlfriend” gives a taste of what’s to come. Reminiscent of 90’s pop with a little more edge, and the right elements of a catchy chorus and honest lyrics. The tune paints a pretty clear picture of where the storyteller stands. If you follow the narrative the song leaves you curious for what is to come and how the ending will play out for the rest of the album.

Check out the track below and be sure to check out the links to keep up to date on new releases!







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