Frankie Ballard: More Than The Ballads

By Paula Kunatee

Following his “Chesney’s Next Big Thing” win, Frankie Ballard has been making his own mark in the music industry. Even with a few number one hits under his belt (“Helluva Life”, “Sunshine & Whiskey” and “Young and Crazy”) Ballard isn’t satisfied with his sound. Like a true musician he is hungry for the next beat, sound or anything that will push him to be better!

Recently married to Chrissy Murphy, Ballard admits his latest single, “You’ll Accompany Me” was an opportunity to kill three birds with one stone (or more appropriately, one single). For those who don’t know, the song is a cover of (his hero) Bob Seger’s original. While he’s paying homage to Seger and recording (Murphy and) Ballard’s wedding song, he is also introducing a new generation to a song about falling in love at the wrong time but knowing it will work out some day.

Besides Seger, you can hear the heavy influences of Ballard’s other hero, Elvis Presley. Bringing us back to the rock and roll days where Presley was on top of the world, covering “Hound Dog” including hips swinging attitude! Striving to be a great storyteller through his music, he sang songs from all albums, and fan favorites like, “Cigarettes”, “El Camino”, “Drinky Drink” and “LA Woman”. For the East Coast fans who envy the “LA Women”, Ballard promises to work on a song we can call our own! 

For the European fans, Ballard will be in our neck of the woods for a ten stop tour! Check out the dates here.

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