‘Tangled: Before Ever After’ Leaves Us Enchanted

By Rhiannon Levengood

On Friday March 10, Disney Channel gave us the beginning of a sequel series we have all been waiting for for seven years. Tangled: Before Ever After premiered with two brand new songs, a new villain, and a storyline that starts to fill in the space between Tangled (2010) and Tangled: Ever After (2012).

The series is brilliantly crafted with a well-constructed plot, some witty one-liners, stunning music and animation, and of course, an astounding performance by leads Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi.

So, without giving too much away, here’s what you will take away from Tangled: Before Ever After.

1. The Animation

The artwork that was put into this series is so beautiful. It’s intricate in ways that the 3D animation is not, and because of that, it doesn’t take away from what you already love about Rapunzel, Eugene, and their story. The animation feels like what it is: a television series, and that’s a good thing.

2. The Soundtrack

There are two new songs with Before Ever After: “Life After Happily Ever After” and “Wind In My Hair”. The first one opens the episode and shows us the royal side of Rapunzel’s life from corsets to princess coronations. Like any typical teenage, she’s had enough of it already. She wants freedom—a day off to herself and her kingdom. When she’s granted that recess, she’s escorted by guards and we’re reminded of her very first, very independent day within the walls of Corona in Tangled.


The second song feels like a recall to the film’s title tune “When Will My Life Begin”. The sequence is adventurous and gives the audience a quick look into what activities Rapunzel is up to as she explores the kingdom unchaperoned.

Overall, the tracks give the series the Disney touch it needs, turning the tale from magnificent to magical.


3. The Big Question

Leading into the series, the main question that was posed was, “how exactly did Rapunzel’s hair grow back?” Thankfully that question is answered in the very first installment…however, it leads to even more loose ends about the land beyond Corona’s walls.


4. Disney’s Moral

There is always a lesson learned in every Disney production, and Tangled: Before Ever After isn’t an exception. The moral comes from the French phrase, “Plus est en vous”, which loosely translates to, “there’s more in you.” At the end of the hour long feature, Rapunzel is inspired by this expression and the series is left open-ended for now.


If you loved Tangled, you will certainly enjoy this series. Catch the next episode “What The Hair?” on March 24 only on Disney Channel.

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