Oh The Humanity Release New Single

By Paula Araujo

March is just getting started but its already has been an epic one for music. Florida native, Oh The Humanity joined in on the festivities by releasing their new single, “Memories Are Torture” on Friday March 3rd.

Eric Ross is the lead singer behind Oh The Humanity and has taken a fresh unique perspective by creating music that combines metal and EDM. This distinctive sound is known as electronic metalcore.  Eric has known since the age of 5 that pursuing a career in music is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He shares, “I was 5 years old and watched my sisters pop music group in Los Angeles, California make their first music video. I was immediately sold and knew what I wanted to do.”

Throughout the process of creating new music, Eric has discovered just how much he enjoys EDM. He sites a wide range of musical influences, “I would have to say my top five artists who inspire me are I See Stars, Seven Lions, Skrillex, Armin Van Buuren and A Day To Remember.”

Upon first listening to Oh The Humanity’s music, you can definitely sense hints of those influences. Earlier this year, they released their new debut single, “The Last Laugh.” This track contains Eric’s favorite lyrics that he has written so far, “I put my heart out to you, and you smashed it in my face.”

For the new single,  “Memories are Torture” Eric says the process of creating it wasn’t all that different from the last. The new song certainly has more of a suave electronic aspect as it begins that way and then crescendos into the metal where as the first single kicks off heavy. Eric says this new song was crafted with this in mind, “It’s just a different story to tell. Blending in more electronics and really feeling it out.”

Of all the things involving music, Eric states his favorite aspect is performing in front an audience and meeting new people. He has dreams of touring in the near future and hoping fans feel great and positive listening to his music. His long term goals involve traveling the world with his music and as far as short term goals, he says “Short plane rides, haha!”

Keep up with Oh The Humanity here:

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