Spotlight: Between Giants

By Paula Araujo

The great thing about art is that it is up for interpretation of the viewer. It can mean anything to anyone. One day, Tyler John found himself in an art gallery in downtown Orlando where he was captivated by a piece entitled “Among The Giants.” It just so happens that this artwork had been the sign he was looking for. This moment inspired the title of his new project, Between Giants.

Tyler elaborates, “The picture was of a man walking along a path surrounded by these massive trees. The trees were looming over him, casting shadows on his path. At this particular moment in my life, this piece really spoke to me. The man wasn’t among the giants, he was between them. I saw it as an idea that no matter what is surrounding you, be it your anxieties, your fears, your insecurities, your circumstance, you can always move forward and stay on your path. And that’s what this project is to me, it’s my path and my direction when the problems surrounding me feel larger than life. This project is my hope, and that’s what this music and the name are all about.”

Tyler’s musical journey began a few years back when the opportunity to perform presented itself thanks to his best friend. Being on stage and performing in front of a crowd was an indescribable sensation. Tyler recalls the memory as a pivotal moment in his life. “I could never articulate in words the way I felt that day when I stepped on stage to over 150 people and performed for them. I got to watch the headliner and listen to that crowd scream their lyrics back at them as if their life depended on it. That moment solidified my love for performing and entertaining and showed me what music can do to bring people together.”

On March 1st, Tyler officially launched his project, Between Giants, by releasing his first single  “My Truth.” Tyler has a myriad of talents and this idea allows him to showcase all of those muses. He explains,  “I was in desperate need of a project where I could be free to explore, create, and express myself fully. I set out to cultivate a sound that was unique, fresh, and dynamic and that is how this solo project came together. I still wanted to create something that was larger than just one person, so in my live sets I play piano and guitar, and sing simultaneously. My music is a mosaic of a multitude of different genres and influences.”

With charming vocals, a catchy chorus, and intricate instrumentals, Tyler successfully captures the sound he is after with his new single. The song is one about self discovery, something Tyler had found himself having to confront frequently while creating this new music. One of the most challenging things for Tyler is being completely vulnerable. He shares, “I have a lot of troubles being trusting and opening up, and I needed this project to be genuine. It’s scary to put your deepest feelings out into the world for other people to judge and interpret. But I was able to push past those fears and write about genuine struggles in my life.”

By persevering, Tyler has discovered new ways in which the importance of music has played in his life.  He says, “I learned how important music was to helping me express those problems and this helps alleviate a lot of my feelings.”

This is the beginning of bigger things to come. With his ambition, Tyler dreams of touring worldwide and playing iconic venues. “I want to be in the position to be living off my music, and in a position where I can connect with and entertain as many people as possible. I want to sell out Madison Square Garden. I want to tour the entire world. I want to make a lasting impact in the world and leave it better off than I found it.”

Stay up to date on Between Giants here:

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