Spotlight: JNNA

By Paula Araujo
Photo by Douglas Newton

With such vivid childhood memories that include dancing around to Aaron Carter’s “Aaron’s Party” to performing Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You” at music recitals, it’s no surprise JNNA has found herself as an aspiring singer and songwriter. Because of the support from her parents and siblings, JNNA was able to explore her passion for music from a young age. However, it was her time in college that truly helped pave the way for where JNNA is today, and she’s incredibly grateful for it.

Born and raised in California, JNNA attended Santa Monica College and studied communications. During her time there, she realized she wanted to follow her dreams and pursue a career in music. She recalls, “Everyone else there knew exactly what they wanted to do and majored in topics that they wanted to make careers out of. I, on the other hand, realized that taking those classes was just me playing it safe. I wasn’t happy and I knew the only thing that made me truly happy was music.”

JNNA is ecstatic about following her dreams and creating music, but she has discovered that there are minor setbacks, such as finding her confidence when working in the studio. Moments like these have helped her mature as an artist. She perseveres with a powerful mantra in mind: “I’m a firm believer that anyone can get what they want in life so long as they work hard and never give up.”


As a songwriter, JNNA is sparked by her own experiences or by those close to her. When it comes to big names in the music industry, she cites Lady Gaga as a huge influence. She gushes, ”Lady Gaga is a huge inspiration to me. I’ve never seen her perform in person but I’ve watched live video performances of her and I‘m always blown away by her talent. Not only is she an insane singer and musician, but she is a seriously fantastic actress. She seems to be incredible at everything she does, including giving back to those in need.”

Aside from the music industry, JNNA is incredibly passionate about charity work. Specifically, the organizations that she is fond of include the ASPCA, Childhelp, and PATH. She explains, “I believe it is each and every one of our duties to lend a helping hand to those who need it. I hope to one day, start and build my own organization to aid in assisting those in need.”

JNNA radiates enthusiasm and ambition along with a promisingly strong work ethic. Down the road, she envisions herself headlining music festivals across the globe, a few world tours, and becoming a GRAMMY nominee and winner. For now though, she states, “My short term goals include working on my songwriting every day, continue to work on my EP and release it after the new year, and schedule some live performances.”

To hear more of JNNA, be sure to follow her on social media.


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