New Year, New Music

By Rhiannon Levengood

Finding new music is easier than ever now with the help of Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and YouTube. There are brand new bands literally at our fingertips waiting patiently to be discovered. So, with 2017 upon us, I took to my personal Twitter followers to bring you (and me) five new artists who are reaching out on social media for your ears, your follows, and your love.

One of my most recent follows is quartet FourEver, an acoustic pop group that showcases folky vibes reminiscent of Mumford & Sons, brilliantly combined with the harmonic feel of One Direction and Hillsong United. Unsurprisingly, FourEver came to life in Nashville, Tennessee, which explains the acoustic touch on their songs. In their stand-out original “Unrational”, the boys describe the feeling of falling head over heels for someone who’s so right that the world begins to feel wrong and abstract. The play on the word “unrational” is what drew me in initially as it set the ironic and illogical theme of the lyrics. If you’re interested in what else these boys have to offer, you can find FourEver’s music here and follow them on Twitter here.

On the complete opposite side of the spectrum sits punk rock band Farewell, My Love. While these guys already have a large following on Twitter, their Spotify monthly listeners count is just shy of 10k. My immediate impression of them was positive. Their song “Never Stop” gives me so much nostalgia from my My Chemical Romance phase that I felt like a 13 year old girl again. Upon listening to other singles, I could hear some influences from Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, and 30 Seconds To Mars. This band is most definitely worth a listen, especially if you identify as the emo kid of your family.

If you’re a fan of acoustic rock music, you’ll absolutely adore Romance & Rebellion. This group of four met in Los Angeles as they searched for a common dream, but instead found one another. As I listened to their song “Thanks For The Memories”, I felt serenity. Their sound is refreshing, smooth, and so easy to listen to. The instrumentals are raw and remarkable, complementing the vocals extremely well. R&R has a unique way of storytelling that reminds me of lyrical genius Ed Sheeran. You can follow Romance & Rebellion on Twitter here.

While boy bands are nice, I know we all love to hear strong female vocalists, too; and that’s exactly what I found in Caroline Marquard. This singer/songwriter found her start on YouTube and instantly reminded me of Savannah Outen. Alongside incredible covers of songs from all genres of music, Caroline posts some soothing creations of her own. It’s obvious her greatest inspiration is Taylor Swift and you can hear that in her original song “Unbroken”. I believe Caroline’s music speaks for itself in terms of quality, so be sure to check her out and keep an eye on her on Twitter because she is bound to make a breakthrough soon.

And finally, we have the DROiDS, a husband and wife duo that tackle music in their very own way. With the use of synthesizers, standard and bass guitars, drums, killer vocals, and any other instrument they find to be ‘clever’, this group creates a new take on electronic music. I find their style to be very unique, chill, and unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. I could see my squad and I having a bunch of deep conversations with Josh and Sarah doing their thing in the background. Check them out on their Bandcamp page and Twitter!

This past year has been rough for music lovers. We suffered the terrible losses of some of our favorite artists and even endured the tragedies of a few concert and club shootings; and while this is extremely disheartening, I encourage you all to continue discovering your love for the art and the thrill of the show in 2017.

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