Spotlight: Shayla Souliere

By Paula Araujo

Shayla Souliere is a pop artist/songwriter and actress hailing from Canada. Growing up, she spent 13 years as a competitive gymnast and afterwards, she would perform for her hometown as part of a program called “Rockband.” She recalls, “The moment I stepped on that stage, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

With outpouring support from her family, Shayla has been able to pursue her dreams. Lately, she has been back and forth between L.A. and Canada working on her upcoming EP and the release of her second single. As a songwriter, she constantly finds herself drawing inspiration from the people in her life including family, friends, fellow musicians, and even her fans. When it comes to who inspires her specifically, she says, “I want to say I am really inspired by Beyoncé because she has such a solid career and an incredible voice! I really look up to her. However, I am also really inspired by my friends who are working towards their dreams, too! I feel like it’s really easy to connect and inspire each other because we are all going through the exact same thing!”

Shayla’s first single off her impending EP is called “Screw U” and has been generating a ton of buzz on YouTube. Of all the tracks so far off her EP, this one came to her the easiest. She says, “I had a few friends with situations going on in their lives and it really made me want to write a song that everyone could relate to!”

As for some personal goals, Shayla hopes to reach pop star status by continuing to build a strong social media presence and connecting with her fans. Ultimately, one of Shayla’s dreams as an artist is for her listeners to find a common ground in her art, whether that’s through finding themselves or by just enjoying her music. “I want my music to show people it’s okay to be themselves and to allow them to have the time of their lives! I have everything from fun dance songs to ballads on my upcoming EP!”

Getting situated in the music industry without a doubt comes with its challenges. Shayla has learned a lot about herself throughout her journey so far. When it comes to having patience, she explained, “Great things take time and it is very easy to get ahead of yourself! I try and keep positive through most things. But the most challenging thing I would say is not being able to say yes to every opportunity you get due to other things on your schedule! But, I try and make everything work.”

Those hardships sure do make it worthwhile in the end. Shayla reveals, “When you work so hard for something and you finally get that ‘yes’ that you have been waiting for, it is the best feeling in the world!”

The new year looks incredibly bright for this charmingly talented young star. Be sure to follow Shayla on social media to be up to date on all the new music she is excited and ready to share with you.


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