Isabella Mesmerizes With ‘Olé’

By Paula Araujo
Photo by Caesar Osiris

Earlier this month, Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Isabella debuted her new single “Olé” from her upcoming EP, which you can expect out next year. Having memories surrounding music and performing arts since she was a toddler, it’s no surprise that she is also a dancer, pianist, and actress. With so much ambition, Isabella is making waves and making her mark in the music industry with her unique sound.

Hello Isabella! How are you? Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hi! I’m a singer-songwriter from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I studied theatre and classical piano. I have been singing since my childhood. I have dedicated a lot of time to art and music from a very young age!

How do you feel your upbringing has influenced and inspired you?
It has influenced and inspired every area of my life. I come from a beautiful island of kind and passionate people. My family is loving and supportive. I have a responsibility to be the best artist I can be.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
I draw inspiration primarily from relationships. I write about love, of course, and a person’s uniqueness. I’m truly captivated by people. I also draw inspiration from other art forms like ballet and a city, or an ocean view during a hike.

Which artists inspire you?
I really like classical and romantic composers like Tchaikovsky. Artists like Sade, Bob Marley, No Doubt, and Björk are inspiring to me. I’ve imagined my sound could eventually resemble that of Sting’s because his writing style reminds me of ancient songs, and I love spiritual music.

Tell us about how your upcoming single “Olé” came about? What was the process like for creating this track?
In a car ride on my way home one day, I kept hearing “Olé” in my head repeatedly. When I sat at the piano, I recorded the chords and part of the chorus. I had a sense it would be the single out of all the other songs I had already written. I sent the producer an acoustic version of the song in the beginning stages. He flew to LA to record my EP and we set aside most of the last day entirely for Olé.

What can we expect from your upcoming EP?
The other songs aside from “Olé” speak of the sacrifice and growth that true love produces in one’s soul. The main theme of the EP overall is love. For instance, “Dream About Us” was inspired by a series of dreams with a love interest. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to tour.  I’m looking forward to live performances. Acoustic versions of the songs are a must, for sure. I’m very excited about touring and connecting with an audience!

What have you discovered about yourself in the process of creating this music?
I discovered that I am able to endure. In the midst of many difficult circumstances, I focused on creating. I love being a part of bringing music to life. It’s a small thing to realize, but it can have a life changing impact.

What do you want people to take away from your music?
I want them to be inspired. Most of my songs have double meaning; it is definitely up to the listener to interpret. Ultimately, I want to inspire a sense of truth and a desire to engage with love.

Do you remember the moment you realized this is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?
It was probably around the age of seven that I knew I wanted to be a singer. When I was about five, I saw a miniature piano in a store from a distance and thought, “I’m going to be a pianist!” The first time I began studying theatre, I enjoyed it so much and therefore committed to the performing arts.

What has been the most rewarding thing so far?
All of the relationships I’ve gained throughout the process. It is a privilege to have insight into a person’s sentiments about life and their journey. Building friendships and having a family of artists has been rewarding as well; learning from their experiences, and giving and receiving encouragement.

What are your long term and short term goals?
My long term goals involve doing charity work. My short term goals involve song writing, touring, and recording. I want to cultivate more creativity and “discover” other artists.

What can fans expect from you within the next year?
Material which further explores the theme of “Olé.” I’m currently working on creating an acoustic sound for the songs on my EP, so you can expect unplugged versions of these songs!

Connect with Isabella and stay up to date on her new releases by following her on social media.


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