Sabrina Carpenter’s EVOLution Tour Radiates Love

By Rhiannon Levengood

I don’t know where to begin. It’s times like these when I wish I had a vlog channel on YouTube because physically telling the story would be best. There’s only so much emphasis I can put into writing, and seeing Sabrina Carpenter’s EVOLution tour is definitely one of those experiences I need more than just italicised, bold, and underlined words to explain.

I’m very lucky and fortunate to have gone to this sold out concert with not just a VIP package, but an ultimate VIP package. While it’s pricey, it’s definitely worth it because Sabrina is the kind of celebrity you want to talk to. She’s quirky and funny, incredibly sweet and loving, and just overall compassionate with her fans. From the stories I’ve heard, she greeted every single one of her fans with a smile, a hug, and a compliment or two. With her regular VIPs, she took a picture with each and every one and thanked them for coming; and with her ultimate VIPs, she took a picture, a selfie, and accepted gifts.

As I approached her, she commented on my dress and my lipstick, gushing that I was beautiful and thanking me for attending her concert. We hugged and posed for the photo op picture before adjusting for a selfie. I was a little dazed at this point because while Sabrina is an extremely mellow person to meet, she’s also one of my favorite artists/actresses. Not to mention, she radiates a certain glow of natural beauty that renders anybody speechless. I realized as I walked away that I was nothing less than awkward during the whole thing.

After the meet and greet, we were ushered upstairs to a lounge area where the ultimate VIPs could sit down, eat some french fries, and wait for the meet and greet to end. At this point, I’d made a friend from waiting in line and we sat together, shared our selfies, agreed that the fries were definitely not up to par, and before we knew it, Sabrina joined us for a Q&A.

She conducted the Q&A with class, picking from a sea of raised hands and giving every question a lengthy answer, despite being on vocal rest. I don’t remember many of the questions, but I was able to ask two. My first one was which song from EVOLution she thought would inspire Maya Hart (from Girl Meets World) the most, and my second was whether she preferred waffles or pancakes. She, of course, chose waffles, and had this to say about her song “Shadows”:

“Inspired by most? It would probably be “Shadows.” I think because as confident as [Maya Hart] is, I think she uses her confidence to hide her insecurities; and “Shadows” is all about feeling those and knowing that everybody has them. And I think if she knew that every single person around her had, you know…maybe not problems as bad as her, but everybody is always going through something, then she would feel a little bit inspired.”

From the french fries party, we were let into the venue and I snagged myself a spot smack dab in the center of the front row, my favorite location on planet Earth.

Sabrina Carpenter does not disappoint. She gives her all during every single performance by dancing around the stage, interacting with the crowd, and singing her heart out. Her stage presence is very contagious as every single person in the audience performs her songs with her. I haven’t been in a crowd as enthusiastic as this one since the Jonas Brothers’ last tour in 2013.

Amid a complete performance of her album EVOLution, Sabrina covered “Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots, and “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera in a mashup with her own song “We’ll Be The Stars.” She even brought back some more of her debut album’s songs like “Can’t Blame a Girl For Trying” and “Eyes Wide Open.”

With a satisfyingly emotional encore, Sabrina accompanied herself on piano for “Shadows” to close out her Philadelphia EVOLution tour show, leaving her fans wanting even more.

If you didn’t get tickets for Sabrina’s completely sold out tour, you can still catch her at Jingle Ball’s Pre-Party shows on December 7 in Philadelphia, December 9 in New York City, and December 17 in Tampa, Florida!

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