DNCE: Dance Without The “A”

By Rhiannon Levengood

DNCE blows us away with their flawless self-titled, debut album which dropped November 18. It features 14 groovy tunes, including the band’s hit singles “Cake By The Ocean” and “Toothbrush.” Among the hip-Swaaying songs are two tracks that take a step off the dance floor, diving straight into their hearts with sincere ballads. This album is packed full with genuine lyrics describing a rock star lifestyle, unrequited love, sexual encounters, and overall maturity. It is perfectly executed from start to finish, giving front man Joe Jonas a clean sever from his Disney boy band ties.

The record opens with its title track, which sets the mood for the rest of the album. With a strong rhythmic beat and catchy lyrics, the band commands its audience to “put your feet above your hands and dance.” The encouragement continues with “Body Moves” and the next four tracks that follow; and finally takes it down a notch with “Good Day”, a song that promotes finding positive vibes through any sticky situation thrown your way.

The best and most memorable piece is well-hidden as the album’s 11th installment. “Be Mean” rains down nostalgia of 1999, giving today’s mainstream electronic craze a run for its money. This jam fades in with a funky guitar riff and crescendos with the addition of drums, bass, and choppy, risqué lyrics. The song instantly reminds us of the titillating tunes released by Prince and becomes a lustrous tribute to him.

Collectively, this record is something of which they should be very proud. It masterfully revives the use of multi-talented band members as it employs traditional style instruments and vocals. With this addition to their artillery, DNCE’s concert set list is sure to be loaded with originality, giving them a chance to grow and pinpoint their own niche in the industry.

You do not want to miss them during this winter extravaganza.

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