Back on Vinyl with Emily Kinney’s “Back On Love”

By Rhiannon Levengood

Emily Kinney gives us a sticky sweet taste of new music with her 7-inch EP Back On Love featuring the title track “Back On Love” and “Popsicles.” Both singles give off a quirky pop vibe as Kinney masterfully illustrates the emotions, struggles, and pleasures of her love life using detailed metaphors and poetic phrasing.

A battle against inevitably falling in love is the inspiration behind “Back On Love.” Emily describes her pledge to freedom faltering as a new man makes her question her decision not to mingle. She compares her craving for his intimacy and adoration to the dependency of a drug addiction. While she recognizes the risk of heartbreak, she finds herself going back to him for “one more hit.” The song is driven by a simple, sprightful guitar riff and paired with a rhythmic clapping beat that pulls the listener in from the very beginning.

The bounciness continues with “Popsicles”, a poem which depicts Kinney’s emotions over a breakup; and eventually her frustration and anger over wanting to find that old love in someone new. She paints a landscape of changing seasons and feelings with her lyrics, and as the song progresses and the vibrant colors dull with an unusually hot autumn, so does the belief in love she once had.

With this 2-song teaser, Emily sets the tone for her upcoming music, which we can expect to be unlike anything she’s ever released before. She tells Coveteur that she plans on spending more time on her next album by working with different producers.

“[…] I think it’s going to be a while until I release another full album. I want to take a lot of time and work with different producers before the next one, but I didn’t want it to be two years until I released any new music.” – (Emily Kinney, Coveteur)

You can catch Emily Kinney in ABC’s new show Conviction on Monday nights at 10pm.

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