Artists Against Hunger and Poverty Concert

By Paula Araujo

On Saturday October 22, fans gathered at Toquet Hall in Westport, CT for the Artists Against Hunger and Poverty Concert. The event raised funds for Why Hunger and Artists Against Hungry & Poverty. The lineup included dynamic and captivating acts such as Sarah Barrios, Vista, and The Weekend Riot. Connecticut’s own Sarah Barrios warmed up the crowd with her suave vocals and sweet disposition. Long Island natives, Vista kicked things into high gear with their set which included songs off their EP Versus and a cover of  Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending.” Headliner’s The Weekend Riot kept the evening rolling with their enthusiasm and charismatic vibes. They played their hit songs such as “25 Minutes” and “Pieces” as well as some impressive covers ranging from The 1975, One Direction, and Twenty One Pilots. The entire show had all the right elements and energy making for an unforgettable evening all while raising money for a great cause.

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