Bands to Check Out on Vans Warped Tour 2016

By Bridget Fornaro
Image from Warped Tour Flickr

It’s summertime, which means it is festival season. One of the biggest touring festivals is currently on the road again,  and it’s the Vans Warped Tour! Every year thousands of concert goers flock to their nearest Warped date hoping to catch their favorite bands and check out new bands as well. Here are a few bands to keep an eye out for your date!

  1. Broadside
    This Virginian punk based band is on the top of our list because they are making groundbreaking progress in the pop-punk scene. They were featured in Alternative Press’s top 100 bands to check out in 2015. And their lead single, ‘Coffee Shop’ off of their album, ‘Come and Go’ has over 1.4 million streams on Spotify. And lead singer, Oliver just released his clothing line ‘SOSO Los Angeles.’ (Playing Warped Tour from 6/24-8/13 on the Full Sail Stage.)
  2. Avion Roe
    Dallas rockers, Avion Roe just signed to Epitaph Records and are ready to showcase their spunk on this year’s Warped tour. Although, they’ve been on Warped tour before, they’re creating quite the online following with their song, ‘In the Rest,’ featuring Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens. They just released an album, called ‘In Separation.’ (Playing Warped Tour from 6/24-7/21 on Full Sail Stage.
  3. State Champs
    New York punkers, State Champs are also no strangers to Warped tour. Having gone on tour with All Time Low and Five Seconds of Summer recently, they’re ready to return to their roots of Warped. State Champs have earned their spot to play on one of the main stages on this tour, and they continue to grow their fan base with every crowd. If you’re ready to get lost in a mosh pit, State Champs is that band for you. (Playing Warped Tour from 6/24-8/13 on Journey’s Right Foot Stage.
  4. Waterparks
    Three-piece band, Waterparks are another band everyone should keep an eye on. They’re apart of The Madden Brothers management team,, and Benji Madden has helped produced their latest music. The band is from Houston, Texas and have built their fan base from the last year from touring with big name bands like Metro Station and Never Shout Never. They’re funky and fresh, and are on the rise to be your next favorite alternative punk band. (Playing Warped Tour from 6/24-8/13 on The Cyclops Stage.
  5. Marina City
    Another band on the rise are pop-rockers, Marina City. Making their way through the last few weeks of Warped tour, they’re another band about to break through the music scene. Marina City has toured with State Champs, Go Radio, and Real Friends. They also were just announced to play Riot Fest in Chicago in September. This band just released an EP last year called, ‘Wonderlust.’ Be sure to catch Marina city on the West coast dates. (Playing Warped Tour from 7/30-8/13 on the Full Sail Stage.)
  6. The Summer Set
    Phoenix natives, The Summer Set are making their way back to Warped tour for the fourth time this year. The Summer Set just released their new album, ‘Stories for Monday,’ and have been promoting it everywhere. The band just did a headlining tour across North America and the United Kingdom, and their hitting the main stage of Warped for the final two weeks of the tour. If you haven’t heard of The Summer Set, they’re an alternative pop band, they won the Macy’s Rising Star competition a few years back, and had a hit single called, ‘Boomerang’ that changed their band forever. The band’s new single, ‘Figure Me Out,’ can be heard on the SiriusXM Hits 1 channel. (Playing Warped Tour from 7/30-8/13 on the Journey’s Left Foot Stage.)
  7. Yellowcard
    This iconic punk rock band has been performing at Warped tour for years. And they just announced that they’re breaking up at the end of the year. Yellowcard is one band you can’t certainly miss, when you hear their song, ‘Ocean Ave,’ it is just such a throwback to the early 2000’s. If you’re not able to see them on their farewell tour this fall, then make sure to catch Yellowcard perform at their very last Warped tour at your local date. Yellowcard has a new self-titled album coming out on Sept. 30. (Playing Warped Tour from 6/24-8/13 on the Journey’s Left Foot Stage.)

Listen to their exclusive mixtape on Pandora here.
For more information on the Vans Warped Tour, please visit

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