Artist Spotlight: Will McCoy of Architect

By: Bridget Fornaro
Photos Courtesy of Architect

A synergetic collaboration is what Will McCoy uses to describe his latest music project, Architect. McCoy teamed up with his friend, Nick Foxer to create the songwriting/production team. They just released their self-titled EP, on June 21st to SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Nick and Will first met eight years ago in Los Angeles. Foxer was formerly in a band called Phonocast, and McCoy was producing their music. Last year, the two randomly came up with the idea to work together when McCoy moved in with Foxer to his place in Nashville. McCoy explains it as a quick conversation that lead to the EP happening.“We had discussed making some music for fun, and we sort of stumbled across the idea to do an EP together,” said McCoy. “It was a thirty second conversation we had while I was making lunch. From the other room, he shouted ‘Hey, should we make an EP?’ and I responded ‘Yeah, okay!’ and we were off.”

It was new territory for Foxer and McCoy to work together in a band-like setting, even after knowing each other for several years. McCoy believes that one of the most important things that a producer or a songwriter can do is to find diversity wherever you can in your projects. He also states that working with someone new, brings new influences and approaches that you aren’t used to. It creates obstacles as well as opportunities for expanding yourself creatively.

The duo started making music together in October of 2015, but it got a little crazy when McCoy was in a transitional period moving to Los Angeles from Nashville for a few months. When McCoy moved back to California permanently, it messed with their schedule, as did the time difference which made communication between each other a little difficult. But after a few months of finalizing the EP, it was sent off to mixing. McCoy said the entire process was roughly four months; from writing the songs, recording, to re-recording some of them, to mixing and the release of the product.

Architect’s name inspiration came from the fact that McCoy and Foxer were from two different musical influences. McCoy states that they liked the idea of having a name composed of only one word, which lead them down a few different paths.

“We settled on Architect because we believed it possessed a subtle hint toward what we were accomplishing,” said McCoy. “Since we aren’t marketing ourselves as a band or artist, and more so as a production/songwriting team, we wanted to convey the attitude we took to craft and build the songs from the ground up.”

Creating the music is different with each song. Foxer and McCoy divided up the work, and each member did their own part. Foxer would come up with the song ideas, usually choruses and show them to McCoy. McCoy would in return tell him what pieces he would be excited to work on production wise.

“What was great was Foxer would really take the lead on most of the lyric, melody, and arrangement, and I would handle the music production and most of the performance,” said McCoy. “It was a really great synergetic collaboration.”


The first single off of the EP, is called ‘Feel Everything’ which is the first song that the two did together as a team. According to McCoy, it seemed appropriate to release it alongside the announcement of the project.

The EP has five tracks, and of those, McCoy’s favorite song from it is, ‘Between the Lines.’

“I’m really proud of that one. It’s all over the place, but I find it to be a lot of fun to listen to,” said McCoy. “I especially took a lot of extra time to find some unique tones for every single drum sample I used in the song, even creating my own sounds from scratch.”

Foxer loves the track ‘Wait Up For Me,’ he wrote and rewrote the song about five times. According to McCoy, Foxer would start dancing around every time he played it.

For those who may not know what Architect sounds like, McCoy states that the sound is a modern synthetic pop with thought provoking lyrics.

“I think the most consistent sonic theme we have across the EP are the pop elements,” said McCoy. “‘White Lies’ definitely leans toward the countryside of pop music, but the rest is definitely synth, drum, and vocal heavy.”

As for the future of the project of Architect, it is unknown at this point. For McCoy, his goal was accomplished. It was to create a body of work that was artistically expressive and that he was proud of it. He’s happy with how the EP came to be. McCoy states that there are a few other songs of Architect’s that are floating around that could come out soon, but as of now his main goal is promote the material that is out right now.

Lastly, McCoy and Foxer would love to hear your thoughts on the EP.

“If you connect with the songs, then our work is done,” said McCoy. “I encourage anyone who enjoys the songs to send us a message or comment and share your feelings with us! We check out everything and love engaging with fellow music fans!”

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