Spotlight: Kalimur

By Bridget Fornaro

Connecticut natives, Kalimur, had quite the year in 2015 with the release of their debut album, Ghosts We Used to Know and a headlining show in August.

Kalimur is made up of four members from Storrs, CT: Brett Steinberg (Vocals/Piano), Alex Trouern-Trend (Electric Guitar), Jonah Propfe (Drums), and Tyler Berkich (Bass). The alternative rock band is releasing their second full-length album titled Redemption on Jan, 25. It includes 11 songs and the title track gives a sense there are gloomier times, but with chances for improvement.
“The theme of the song itself does not weave its way through all of the 11 songs on the album,” said Steinberg. “But the idea of redemption does in the sense that there are darker moments on the album, but there are redeeming moments as well.”

Steinberg states that reacting to those feelings can be comforting and a reminder that everything will be okay. A lot of the songs on the album have hidden messages, like the first track, “Where We Now Begin,” and the last track “Boston.” Both have the same progression but in different keys with varying instrumentation. Both tracks occur at polar ends on the album and carry a sense of optimism within them.

Along with the messages in each song, a story unfolds. For one of Steinberg’s favorite songs off the album, “Fire Away,” it does just that. It tells a story of a relationship. For Steinberg, the song also captures the essence of what he was creating, methodically, lyrically, and production wise for the album.

“It captures what I was trying do with the album in its entirety,” said Steinberg. “It tells a story in a chronicle way, in the path of certain relationships. And for ‘Fire Away,’ the relationship lasts for a couple of decades. It looks at the beautiful moments, up until the fallout.”

The lead single, “Modern Love,” also captures the essence of a relationship. The track is about trying to get into a relationship in the technology age.

“With the ease of texting, you can get someone really excited with texting to get coffee, and five minutes before with technology you can be like, ‘Oh but I can’t!’” said Steinberg. “The song has a current twist to it. You kind of let me in the door and close it.”

The song dives into the frustrations of instant messaging, and how it affects our dating lives. Steinberg explains that the inspiration behind the song is about how you can make excuses, cancel plans and mislead someone. He added, “We’re all guilty of it. We’ve been the victim and the perpetrator.”

Along with learning to weave the essence of storytelling into songwriting, the band has tried to advance their personal growth as professional musicians in the last year.

“There’s been matured songwriting, and as a band we’ve become more cohesive,” said Steinberg. “Especially over the last year, we are honing in on what we want to talk about in music, what we want to sound like. We’ve really redefined who we are as musicians.”

While the guys are in a band full time, they are also full-time college students trying to earn degrees. It is a daunting struggle for them to find time to practice together. Steinberg explains that coordinating schedules is the biggest challenge.

“It’s the labor of love, we know we need to sound great so we manage our time.”

The four members are not only proactive about their time management, but they are also proactive about promotion.

“We have to get a great local following, start playing more in New Jersey, Boston, and Rhode Island,” said Steinberg. “We want to take over the region, then the coast, then start moving towards the West Coast. I want to get solid footing in each surrounding region until we expand out more.”

indexThe band also knows the importance of promoting through social media, and they document their trips with social apps like Instagram.

“We can be very personal on there. We can have a lot of pictures and videos that follow our journey,” said Steinberg. “It’s an intimate way and sense to see what we’re up to. And all of this is for our music career and to connect with our fans.”

Another way the band promotes their music is by attending popular concerts that are within the same genre. There, they pass out download cards to potential fans. The biggest break for a group is watching the fans return for more shows. Steinberg says seeing the same faces in the crowd make it all worthwhile.

“It’s those moments where we see a really good response from the fans and we start seeing those people come back,” said Steinberg. “Suddenly they’re growing, then it starts to become picking up fans from every show and a movement evolves.”

Some of the band’s favorite moments are when fans write to them online. Messages ranging from, “This is something that really impacts me” to “Hey, I’m cooking and listening to your stuff” makes them realize they’ve become a part of their fans’ normal routines, said Steinberg. These comments keep them motivated to continue creating music.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2016, the band will play a number of shows throughout the region and hope to tour in the summer. The band’s biggest goal for the year is to reach a new demographic, and to play in cities they have never been before. They also plan to create more videos and content.

Until then, the band hopes fans enjoy their new album.

“We really put everything into this. I hope people can have Redemption as a comforting force,” said Steinberg. “It’s okay to feel. It’s okay to experience the highs and lows that life has, and that you come out on the other side.”

Redemption will be out Jan. 25 on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. It is available for pre-order now. Celebrate with them at their record release show at The Space in Hamden, CT on Friday January 29. For tickets, click here.

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