Lights illuminates CT

By Paula Araujo

On a gloomy Thursday evening filled with rain, things were heating up inside Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT. Phases, The Mowgli’s, and Lights graced the stage that evening. Each act was incredibly energetic and shared good vibes throughout the evening. Phases’ set was filled with tunes from their debut, For Life which includes their hit, “I’m In Love With My Life.” The Mowgli’s kept the party going with their set that included their hits, “I’m Good” and “San Francisco” as well as positive messages and awareness about the International Rescue Committee. Lights was the life of the party with her eclectic set. Showing off her array of talents with her vocals, to playing acoustic and electric guitar, and rocking out on the keys, made her captivating to watch. Her set featured fan favorites such as, “Toes,” “Up We Go,” “Running with the Boys,” and “Banner.” Don’t miss out on this incredible show. For dates click here.

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