Never Let This Go Premiere New Music Video at Stan Lee World of Heroes Event

Interview and photos by Bridget Fornaro

Punk rock band, Never Let This Go has been around for a few years making music and doing everything in their power to make their presence known. The Arizona natives recently teamed up with the Stan Lee World of Heroes team, and created a music video for their song, “Right Now.” The band got to premiere the music video at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, and perform a three-song set in front of a few hundred comic fanatics. After their performance, I got to chat with them and discuss how they got involved with the Superheroes team, their aspirations, and their musical journey.

Hey guys! What are your names and your roles within the band?
David: Hey, I’m David, I sing and play guitar in the band Never Let This Go.
Spencer: Hey I’m Spencer, I play bass and I do backup vocals.
Matt: I’m Matt, I play guitar and I do back up vocals.
Vic: I’m Vic, and I play drums.

What does it feel like having your music video, “Right Now” be premiered at Stan Lee’s World of Super Heroes?
David: It feels very unreal, growing up and knowing who Stan Lee was and what his company was about and all the things he gets involved with and to be apart of that, I feel really honored.
Spencer: You know we’ve all been reading the comics, watching the movies that are associated with Stan Lee and everything he’s created and now we are apart of it, that feels really special.
Vic: I never would’ve thought I’d be given the opportunity for that.
Matt: It seems so surreal that we were a bunch of dudes who came together and we wrote some music. We’re all big fans of Stan’s work, and to have this happen and to see the progression of it, it’s just this thing that is becoming real. It’s happening fast, and it’s an incredible experience.
Vic: I think we can all agree that we all grew up watching anything involving Stan Lee. To be able to collaborate and create with that, words can’t even describe it.

How did you guys get involved with the World of Superheroes team?
David: Jenny reached out to us, our Director. She wanted to work with us on a music video, she said to “Come out to LA, we’ll shoot the whole thing.” Yuka, was our producer for the video, she works directly with Stan Lee. So that is the direct connection with the team.
Matt: As far as my role in this, I feel a lot like David and I were contacted by Jenny about this. “Yeah this is going to be a lot of fun, we’re going to do this video.” But I feel like kind of a passenger in the entire thing, like watching this thing evolve into something bigger and then we could’ve made it.
Spencer: Yeah, I feel like a passenger too.

How did you guys come up with the music video concept for Right Now?
David: That was all Jenny, she wrote the story boards, and sent it to us. We agreed, and the rest is history! Jenny’s got a great mind for this thing.
Spencer: Which is why we hope to use her again, real soon. She’s our girl.

Who are your favorite Marvel superheroes?
David: Ironman.
Spencer: I have to say the Hulk. You know, small boy syndrome.
Matt: Spiderman! I kind of relate really hard to the got picked on in school experience. Not the bitten [by a spider] and didn’t get super powers, or any of that.
Spencer: It could still happen, Matt. (laughs)
Vic: Probably Wolverine. Being little, I would always say, “Wolverine is the coolest!”


What is your favorite song off of your new EP, Believe?
David: As of now, ‘Don’t Stop’, because it’s uplifting.
Spencer: For me musically, I really like ‘Pretender’. I feel like it has it’s own feel, and it doesn’t sound like anything else. But lyrically, ‘Airport Terminal’, cause you know, life.
Matt: I’m going to jump on board with David, and say ‘Don’t Stop’. That song was a collaboration between us two, that’s our baby.
David: That was our co-write on the EP. Matt said, “Musically here’s what I got.” I said, “Lyrically here’s what I got.” We fought, we changed everything and we beat it down and brought something beautiful out of it.
Spencer: They made a beautiful child of a song.
Vic: I go back and forth between ‘Stay’ and ‘Happy’.  Happy I love because it’s great to play live. Whenever I’m listening to the record, Stay is the first one that I want to listen to.

What inspires the music you create?
David: There’s a story behind every song. There’s a person behind every song. Something John Mayer talked about, I kind of relate to, “You write a three minute song about a thirty second feeling.” I remember where I was, how I was feeling, every moment that I write about for these songs. I remember the parking lot, I was in when I came up with the concept for ‘Stay’. I remember being in the room with Matt and talking about ‘Don’t Stop’, and what the song should be about. I remember that feeling, that emotion that we put into that song.
Spencer: Even just driving here, we had a pretty deep conversation for a group of songs, or an album really. It was a vast idea we had. We really can connect and be really close writing music, and be really free to talk about our emotions knowing that we can put them into a piece of art that can stick around. We can go back and remember what we were feeling.
Matt: When I’m writing music, when I’m writing something, I sit back to myself and I think, “Does this sound like what I feel?” If not, “What sounds like the feeling that I’m having right now?” I sit back, I keep playing back the feeling. I do whatever I can; I beat my head against a wall to find this sound. Eventually, I got this sound that recreates this feeling or this moment in time. Like what David said, I want the music to be behind the lyrics. It’s going to be the thing that’s pushing the lyrics. I want to push as much emotional drive that I can into what I do here; as David does lyrically.
Vic: Every song is like a photograph of whatever emotion you were feeling at the time.

What is your favorite song to perform live?
David: Oh man, probably Pretender or Happy because they’re jams.
Spencer: Pretender, Happy, Stay, they are all high energy but it is always cool to slow it down and play something like Airport Terminals. To be able to close your eyes, and just know that everyone else is watching but you can just be free with it.
Matt: I love them all for different reasons. I can’t pick one! Everyone is just in that moment, and I love the next moment.
Vic: I like playing Happy, it’s a hard hitting song. At the same time I like playing Airport.

What has been the biggest challenge and reward for you guys?
David: Honestly, just balancing everything in my personal life lately with every ounce of energy that I have to put into the band. The guys have been through it lately with me. Your personal life and your professional life they’re not always together, they’re going to combat each other. You want to put energy into everything. Sometimes you need it for your personal life, you need to take care of yourself, or your family. At the same time, I’m here to chase this dream. This is what I want and that is never changing. Every ounce of me has gone into different directions. Just keeping everything in line with the mission and the goal. This has been the biggest challenge and reward.
Spencer: We really are a family. We are getting super close, we’ve all gone through a lot, just the past month. Just between us, there has been heartbreak, there has been worry, there’s been fear, there’s been anger. There has been a lot and we can look at each other when there is something wrong. We trust each other, and being committed to a band knowing that we’re giving up a lot in hopes that of being able to become something in music. Which is a very hard thing to do, but we’re all gladly giving up everything we can to make this happen.
Matt: I agree with everything David and Spencer are saying. Personally for me, like Spencer is saying, pouring absolutely everything into this band. Pouring into everything, and seeing the outcome like this YouTube Space thing we are doing right now. That is what makes everything worth it, breaking our backs; you know we are self-booking our next tour. Just seeing the dates solidified, that’s what makes it so worth it.  It is so satisfying to see that date there. Then when we get there, that’s going to be there. It’s going to be so much sweeter.
Vic: For me personally, the biggest challenge is trying to stay inspired. Everything gets disillusioned at some point.
David: Picking yourself up, when you fall down.
Vic: That’s the biggest challenge, but I feel like there is no better reward than playing live shows. Getting to hear kids sing your songs back to you, it’s one of the coolest feelings.
Spencer: Having people here approach us just out of nowhere, people from all over the place just talk about our music. We have already talked to people from different countries, people who have been involved professionally in marketing, YouTube in general, musicians, channels, and actors. It is a lot to take in, but it’s exciting.
Matt: It’s not super intimidating because we know a couple of these people already. That helps so much.
Spencer: It didn’t feel uncomfortable one time being here.

What can fans expect from you guys later on? New music? Tour?
Vic: All the above!
David: New music videos, and tours which we can’t talk about yet. Not new music necessarily yet, but we’re working on it already.
Matt: New promos that have Vic and I in it! The things that we can promise is that, we are booking new tour dates and creating new music.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?
David: Headlining clubs, touring regularly, probably get on a label just because that is the push. Having a team behind you, and doing what we love.
Spencer: I can see us being on a label for sure. By then there could be a chance we started on one, and bounced to another. I could imagine us playing big events, and Warped tour for sure.
Matt: Funny thing, I actually go to these guys and say, “In three years I want to be headlining theaters. I want to be touring constantly.” In five years? You know what, I don’t know why we couldn’t shoot for the stars and say world tour. I want to be seeing everything there is to see, I want to be experiencing everything there is.
Spencer: I want a song on guitar hero.

Lastly, where can people find you on social media?
David: Everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Soundcloud, and YouTube

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